Setup Your Own Smart Contract in Seconds

Safely send and receive crypto to buy and sell services online

Gecko SafeSend Smart Contract Platform

The Gecko SafeSend app is a smart contract platform designed to enable users to access Financial Services directly through the app.

Currently Gecko SafeSend works on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20 network).


Tokens can list on the onramp and be purchased directly from the SafeSend app. Tokens will appear in the holders BEP-20 wallet quickly after purchase. You can also purchase the $Gecko token quickly and easily.

Lend Assets

Lend your newly acquired BEP-20 assets so you can gain a return from borrowers who pay interest on any loan they take.

The Escrow Service

The Escrow time lock (Smartcontract) is designed to ensure safe transfer of funds between people in a timebound transaction. In other words you can give the other party proof of transfer of funds to them before you receive the product. The other person can provide service in the knowledge their funds are in transit to them, to be released in a few days, or weeks once the product or service has arrived. The SafeSend process enables people to have some recourse if they don’t receive the service they were promised.

Yield Pools

Commit your available tokens into our Yield Pools. This is a new product, and the yields are still developing. You can most likely gain the best returns on your $Gecko token or add other BEP-20 tokens listed such as BNB, or BUSD where these are traded in AI Trading Bots, or optimized in Liquidity Pools such as PancakeSwap, SushiSwap or other farming platforms where we find the best return on your tokens for you. When the pool ends, and you collect your tokens you will receive a percentage of $Gecko rewards along with your Yield.


Borrow against assets you have purchased so you can release the equity for use in other endeavors. Note: The loan to value ratio maximum is capped at 65% and the liquidation point required is no greater than 85% of collateral. Interest is calculated on a pool by pool basis.

About Gecko SafeSend


Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy and unlike traditional finance, cryptocurrency is peer to peer, without the requirement for an intermediary. This however also presents a challenge as a third party intermediary (like banks) allow you to cancel fraudulent transactions, enquire into the authenticity of the receiver and so on.

DeCentralized Finance has typically been associated with Lending and Borrowing against existing Cryptocurrency assets. The Gecko Finance SafeSend app enables users to setup and transact in a "trustless" way with other parties taking the best of both the efficiency cryptocurrency provides and the security traditional centralized finance provides.

The Gecko SafeSend App allows users to manage their own transactions with other parties to reduce the risk of fraud (scammers) and increase the leverage both parties have from the party on the other side of the transaction. The sender then has more confidence in receiving the service they were promised.

This also provides a level of commitment from either party to fulfill on their obligations.