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Gecko Finance

We make buying and selling crypto a whole lot easier.


EARN - $Gecko rewards from every trade using our decentralized SWAP feature

BUY - your favorite token directly from your card directly to your wallet

BRIDGE - your Gecko to another network, or any approved token on SafeSend

INSTALL - our Pay with Crypto “SafePay” code on your website (talk to our team) and let us handle the tricky stuff, like wallets, transfers, price calculations and fees so you can take crypto payments in your website

Supported Decentralized Exchanges

Gecko Token

Original total supply 1,000,000,000,000

7.8% of the total supply has already been burned on the Binance Smart Chain and no more $Gecko can be minted.

Gecko has launched on the Polygon (MATIC) and Arbitrum (ARB) Blockchains.

The total supply is distributed across all three blockchains and tokens can be sent across the Stargate bridge.

How to buy $Gecko

Any Decentralized Exchange that supports our contract.

  • PancakeSwap
  • SushiSwap
  • UniSwap
  • Creditcard/Debitcard via the Onramp

You can buy $Gecko on PancakeSwap (on the Binance Smart Chain), Uniswap (other Chains), Sushiswap or from the SafeSend Onramp via Credit/debitcard (all 3 blockchains).

Note: You will need to KYC the first time.

Rewards, Reflections and Burn

Every time a swap takes place using our Swap feature, you earn a little $Gecko, you can redeem by connecting your wallet and using the claim rewards button

Every time a transfer, or transaction takes place all wallet holders on the relevant blockchain receive a portion of the transaction tax into their wallet

Gecko has a buy/sell/transfer tax on: Binance Smart Chain of 8%, 4% is distributed to all holders of GECKO, 3% to liquidity and 1% to manage distribution All other chains.

Any transactions or transfers on the Binance Smart Chain reflect 4% back to your wallet.

On Polygon and Arbitrum blockchains 2% is sent back to your wallet and 3% from each transaction is sent to liquidity.

Adoption and Airdrop

Any new user that has no previous transactions with Gecko can a receive $2 claim, to a new empty wallet. Any wallet holding a $20 balance can claim an additional $2

  • A $50 balance can claim an additional $2
  • $200 balance can claim an additional $10
  • $1,000 balance can claim another $50
  • $2,000 balance, claim $100

You can make a claim by connecting with the SafeSend App (only 1 claim per wallet per location).

3rd party risk

The Gecko token is dispersed across multiple blockchains, is decentralized, and has a fixed supply (no more can be minted). The burn schedule has commenced to reduce supply. The smart contracts and swap features are decentralized.